Product Quality

Chemchalk Enterprise Sdn Bhd uses oils and clays of the highest quality which are environmental friendly and other raw materials of "food grade" standards with negligible water content. The final product is a truly recyclable, biodegradable and non-toxic product.

All the products are governed by novelty designs and registered patents approved by the relevant authorities to ensure consistency of design.

The quality of its products are maintained in-house by a stringent technological manufacturing process with a negligible rate of rejection.

Product Characteristics and Markings

Our tailor chalks and markers are produced in four colours namely red, blue, yellow and white. Based on the designs patented under relevant authorities, our tailor chalks and markers do not possess any jagged and rough edges, are easy to hold, non-slip and are characterised by their consistent distinct colours.

Markings made with our tailor chalks and markers are easily discernible. Markings are washable and also erasable. This lends itself to fulfill even the most stringent of the highest demands of top quality tailoring requirements.

Product Customisation

One of the hallmarks of superior services provided by Chemchalk Enterprise Sdn Bhd is the ability to produce tailor chalks and markers customised exactly as far as possible, according to specifications and requirements ordered by clients within the patented broad designs of our company. 

Clients with enquiries on customised orders are advised to contact us.


blue chalk

red chalk

yellow chalk

white chalk

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